1. Artists: Before launch Top ↑


    Can we post any sort of Project?

    ZoshPit is dedicated to music. In addition, we have rules on what can be posted as a crowdfunding project. Please read our Project Guidelines for more information.


    Is posting a Project free?

    Yes! ZoshPit only deduct a fee (5% plus any transaction fees) if your crowdfunding campaign is successful and your Project Target is met. If you don’t get enough Pledges for whatever reason, you don’t get anything, so we don’t get anything.


    What if the Pledges exceed our Project Target?

    You’re onto a winner! Anything above the Project Target will also be processed and you’ll receive the funds towards your Project. I’d make sure you also give a big shout out to all your fans!


    What happens in the Project doesn't reach the Project Target in time?

    We don't process any of the Pledges and as a Project Artist you won't be charged anything, nor will you receive any funds. We do not charge an admin fee like other crowdfunding platforms might.


    I'm not 18 years of age, can I post a crowdfunding Project?

    Unfortunately we require all of our Project Artists to be 18 years of age. 



  2. Artists: During the campaign Top ↑


    Should we tell people we're crowdfunding on ZoshPit?

    Of course you should! Tell everyone you know. Climb the highest mountain and shout it out. Try to get on TV, get on your local radio, tell your mum, tell your dad. Before, during and after, every man and his dog should know about your Project. Despite you being super awesome and talented, it's a numbers game. The more people who know about your crowdfunding project, the more likely you'll hit your funding goal.


    What can I change once the Project is live?

    There are a few things that cannot be edited once your Project has been approved and has gone live. 

    - Project Target

    - Project Deadline

    - Rewards that have been selected  by Supporters

    - Project name


    Can I cancel my Project even though it's live?

    If your Project has not reached its target, an Artist may under some circumstances be allowed to cancel. This is up to the discretion of ZoshPit. For further information pelase read our Terms and Conditions.


  3. Artists: Post project deadline Top ↑


    We hit our Project Target! Now what do we do?

    Congratulations! First thing is make sure you give a big shout out to everyone that has supported you. Crowdfunding ain't possible without your supportive fans!


    We didn't reach our Project Target. Do we get anything?

    ZoshPit works on an all-or-nothing crowdfunding model, so if you don't reach at least 100% of your Target, you don't receive anything, your fans don't get charged, and we don't take a fee. This doesn't mean that you cannot try again down the track with a different Project.


    When should we deliver the rewards?

    Don't forget you'd be nowhere without your fans and supporters. So you should get any Rewards out as soon as your Project Target has been met. Of course there will be Rewards that cannot be delivered until your Project is underway or completed.

    Use your common sense and never forget who got you there!

  4. Artists: Selling Tracks Top ↑


    Can I upload my tracks and sell them online?

    Yes! We have tailored the site to suit the needs of artists and musicians.


    What commission does ZoshPit take from my online sales?

    NOTHING! Yes you read that right. ZoshPit do not take any commission if you sell your tracks using our platform. We do however use PayPal to process the transaction and their standard transaction fees will apply. For more information visit www.paypal.com.au